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This is a Spanish comedy film from Spanish director Paco Plaza. This comedy includes a lot of slapstick humor and being well known among the public for its wild costume changes. The main character is called Zorro, who is not what he seems to be at first. For example, his name isn't really Zorro, but Mario Masocha instead. He's a serious guy who sings in the subway everyday during his hours off, but then he starts to dress up in ridiculous costumes to visit different places where people will laugh because of how ridiculous they look together. He decides to go find a beautiful girl who he sees every day in the subway, but when he finally talks to her, she's not what she seems. While visiting a weird rock band, he gets the opportunity to get the girl and also to sell his costumes for money. The rock band is now convinced he's mad and that's why they like him. This movie has many characters that represent different groups of people in Spain. For example, Mario sings in the metro everyday because this represents common people who don't have anyone looking out for them or anyone who will give them an opportunity to achieve their dreams.  They are serious and only want the best for their families. However, they don't get to show their talents, but instead get hurt or hurt others. This movie also includes many other ideas that are typical of the Spanish culture. For example, the anaconda will represent the government who is controlling everything people do. The rock band is different because they show other groups of people in Spanish society that are not treated equally. When Zorro visits them, it's like he represents all these people who still believe in love and justice even though they are mocked for doing so. His costume changes represent how different types of people connect with each other and share their lives together despite what other people think about them. The director of this movie is Paco Plaza, who is 40 years old and has directed two other movies before. He has directed one documentary and one horror film. This horror film is called [REC] and was the first of its kind in Spain to be shown in theaters. It was a huge success and went on to inspire many popular American horror films. This movie had a budget of 250,000 Euros which is a little over a million dollars in American currency.  It was shot in Madrid, Spain instead of being filmed using green screens with visual effects after the events took place. The script was written by Fernando Garcia and many other people such as Paco Plaza.  This movie was filmed on a $1.7m budget, which is a little less than $3m in American currency. Like I mentioned before, there are so many different ideas and characters that represent the Spanish culture that you would never see anywhere else. This movie will show how many of these ideas and characters relate to one another; but mainly the idea of "love conquering any obstacle" and "being able to change your mind and preferences." Plus, there is one big underlying theme of peace, love, and harmony between all people even though they may be different or may be treated differently. 8eeb4e9f32 59

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